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Tactical K9 Dog Collar

$45.00 CAD

Size: Medium


Color: Black

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K9 tactical dog collar is made of robust nylon, and the D-ring has been reinforced for extra strength. These collars are common among police, army and army dog units, and other professionals who participate in extreme sports with their dogs.

Promote your active lifestyle and look the part with K9 tactical dog collar in four different colors

The tactical dog collar is durable and reliable for any dog needing a sturdy and secure collar. Made of heavy-duty nylon webbing, this collar is designed to withstand the most challenging conditions and activities. Whether your dog is working as a service animal, participating in law enforcement or military training, or simply enjoying an active lifestyle, this collar will provide the support and security they need.

The tactical dog collar features a heavy-duty buckle and a sturdy D-ring for attaching a leash or identification tags. The buckle is designed to be easy to use, even with gloves on, and it is also fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your dog. The D-ring is made of strong and durable metal, so it can withstand the forces of pulling and tugging without bending or breaking.

In addition to its durability, the tactical dog collar is also designed for comfort and convenience. The nylon webbing is soft and smooth, so it won't rub or irritate your dog's skin. It is also padded with a foam layer, providing extra cushioning and support for your dog's neck. The collar is also water-resistant and easy to clean. It handles wet and dirty conditions without a problem.

Overall, the tactical dog collar is an excellent choice for any dog who needs a robust and reliable collar. Its durability, comfort, and convenience make it a top choice for service animals, law enforcement dogs, and active dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whether you're looking for a collar for everyday use or special occasions, the tactical dog collar is an excellent option.

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Black, Green, Brown, Red

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