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Third time purchasing one of the dog tags for my babies! I am never not impressed with the quality, or how long it takes to arrive. Would recommend to everyone! I especially love the hook that connects the tag to his collar. Thanks again!


I absolutely love the slide on tag I ordered for my dog. He has lost many tags running threw the brush on our ranch. This one solved our problem with its sleek design! Thank you!

Kelsey J

Collar is lasting a while with my outdoor cat. Just glad she hasn’t yanked it off and lost it, Bell still on and everything :) good stuff

Elliot K

I love this beautiful print of my sweet old boy. He passed away in April and it was especially hard because I wasn''t able to be with him when he went, after more than 17 years spent together. This captures a special moment I shared with him a few years ago. It''s wonderful being able to look at this and reflect on a time when he was healthy and could still see me and hear me. I am so thankful to have this. I will cherish it always. ❤


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