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Pet Tag FAQs

What's the difference between a custom TAG4MYPET pet tag and a regular pet tag?

TAG4MYPET dog tags are personalized with your pet's specific information and often offer unique designs. You can also add your complete contact information or any pet's medical information. Regular pet store dog tags are boring and pre-made with generic details.

Are there any additional optional details that can be included on a pet tag?

While the above information is typically required by law, some owners may include additional details for safety or convenience. Optional information can include:

  • Microchip number: If the dog has a microchip implanted, including the microchip number on the dog tag can aid in identification.
  • Medical information: Some owners opt to include information about the dog's medical conditions or special needs, such as allergies or required medications.

What information is legally required on a dog tag?

In most jurisdictions, dog owners are legally required to include specific information on their pet's tag. This typically includes:

  • The dog's name: helps identify and reassure others that the dog has an owner.
  • Owner's name: This allows individuals who find the dog to contact the owner directly.
  • Owner's contact information: Usually includes a phone number where the owner can be reached.

*Some jurisdictions may also require an address.