How It Works: Pet Portraits


01. Choose a Photo

Pick a photo of your dog or cat and submit it to our website with your order. Check out our 'Photo Tips' for some helpful tricks.

*Please keep in mind Tag4MyPet will choose the best one of your pet pictures fittable for the portrait. If you have a favorable picture, please notice us of it, and we will try our best to make that the portrait.

02. Customize it!

Choose whatever background color you think will look best for your pet and the font that best describes their personality.

We have 6 background colors to choose from and multiple fonts to play around.

By using our product customizer, you can see and play in real time with the best font, color and name combinations.

03. Wait for Proof

After sending us your pet photos, please wait around 2-4 days for us to finish creating your pet portrait's. As soon as we are done we will send you a proof of what the portrait will look like along with a mock up.

This will allow you a maximum of 2 minimal changes, like:
  • Background Color
  • Change in Font
  • Change in Sizes
For any really major changes, extra charges may apply (like choosing a new picture)

04. Approval

After sending the proof, we will ask that you approve it. As soon as you respond back with 'Approved' or anything like that, we will send it to the printing company.

05. Delivery

Digital File:
  • After approving, allow us a couple of hours and we will send you the finished product in high quality PNG file to the email linked to your order.
Art Print:
  • Art Print is ready to frame with Beautiful soft-touch, matte and Artist quality. *FRAME IS NOT INCLUDED
  • After approving, allow us a couple of hours to send it to the printing company. Please consult Shipping Information to know more.

Tips and Tricks:

Photo Tips

Things that make a good photo:
  • Good lighting
  • Not Blurry
  • Part of the chest must appear
  • Focus on eyes
Here are some examples:
Things that make a bad photo:
  • Bad lighting
  • Blurry pet
  • Chest not in picture
  • Unwarted objects in front of pet
  • Closed eyes
Here are some examples:


If you want your pet to have any accessories with them in the portrait, please have it already on the picture.

We take the photos as is and create the portrait from them, so if there is anything in front of your pet in the frame of the portrait that you don't want, please find another picture without it. 

This means that if your pet is wearing a collar, a pet tag, a bow, sunglasses, or anything like that, those will be in the portrait.

What will appear in the portrait:

- Sunglasses
What will appear in the portrait:

- Hair Bow
- Tie

What won't appear:

- Paws