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Bluetooth Tracker works with Apple Find My

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Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Tracker - Seamless iOS Compatibility!

Are you worried about your beloved furry companion wandering too far? Say hello to our state-of-the-art Tracker, the ultimate solution to ensure your pet's safety and peace of mind.

  • Bluetooth Technology: Our Pet ID Tracker utilizes advanced Bluetooth technology, making it the perfect companion for iOS users. With seamless compatibility with Apple Find My, you can trust that your pet is always within reach.
  • Impressive Bluetooth Range: This tracker boasts an impressive Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet, allowing your pet to explore while you maintain complete control.
  • Beyond Bluetooth Range? No Worries!: Should your pet venture beyond the 200-foot range, the intuitive "Find My" app comes to the rescue. It enables you to effortlessly pinpoint your Tracker smart tag on a map, allowing you to guide yourself to its precise location.
  • Ring and Locate: Have you misplaced your keys, wallet, or pet? Our Pet ID Tracker has a built-in speaker with a loud ring (80-100dB) that can be activated using the "Find My" app. It's your reliable partner in finding your things swiftly.
  • Siri Assistance: Lost your pet in a big park or need help finding your tagged item? Ask Siri for assistance; she'll help you locate your pet or object quickly.

Please note that our Pet ID Tracker is exclusively compatible with iOS devices, ensuring seamless integration into your Apple ecosystem.

Invest in your peace of mind today with our Pet ID Tracker. Keep your furry friend safe and your valuable items within easy reach.