A Variety of Clasps for Dog Leashes
Clasps on a Pet Tag
A Variety of Clasps for Dog Leashes
Gold Lobster Clasp
Silver Lobster Clasp
Black Lobster Clasp
Black Lobster Clasp

Lobster Clasps


Color: Black

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 Secure Your Furry Friend's Style: Lobster Clasps

Lobster clasps are the perfect tag accessory for anyone who wants to spice up their pet's look. These clasps are easy to use, and you can rotate them in any direction. They are also small, making an excellent accessory for big or small collars on any outfit or adventure.

Robust Security: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our lobster clasps provide a dependable and secure closure mechanism for your pet's collar, ensuring it stays in place at all times.

Built to Last: Rotating buckle ring is made of high quality metal and stainless steel, lead free, which makes it strong and durable, and it is not easy to rust or corrode during use.

Easy to Use: Designed for pet owners of all skill levels, our lobster clasps are effortless to attach and detach, making them ideal for daily use. Say goodbye to fumbling with tricky clasps.

Universal Fit: Our lobster clasps are compatible with a wide range of pet collars, including nylon, leather, and fabric varieties. They provide a secure connection point for leashes, tags, and accessories.

Upgrade your pet's collar with our premium lobster clasps. These clasps not only enhance the security of your pet's accessories but also add a stylish touch to their overall look. Whether you're walking your dog or simply want to keep your cat safe, our lobster clasps are the perfect addition to your pet's gear.


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Black, Silver, Gold