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Pet ID Tag. Buy now and customize later at your own time

Tag Key is the perfect solution for those who want to take their time in making a decision! Unsure which pet ID tag will make your companion wag their tail joyfully? Fear not! With our Tag Key, you can pick your favourite design, shape, and colour from our extensive collection anytime.

Why stress over making the right choice when you can decide in the future? Our Tag Key ensures the easiest check-out experience ever. Simply purchase a Tag Key and let the excitement begin. You will receive a unique code on our website that unlocks a world of tail-wagging possibilities.

Don't wait! Give your furry companion the gift of choice and style. Purchase a Tag Key today and embark on a delightful journey to find the perfect pet ID tag. Let the tail-wagging adventures begin!

Easy three steps:

  1. Purchase the Tag Key
  2. Receive a code
  3. Redeem a tag whenever you want