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How to Size Your Cat's Collar

To size your Breakaway Collar on your cat correctly, simply follow these steps:

  1. Measure your cat's neck circumference using a soft measuring tape or a piece of string.
  2. Ensure a snug fit by wrapping the measuring tape or string comfortably around your cat's neck, allowing for a finger's width of space between the tape/string and your cat's fur.
  3. Note the measurement in centimeters. If using a piece of string, measure its length against a ruler to determine the circumference.
  4. Compare the measured circumference to our collar's size range (19 cm to 32 cm). If your cat's neck falls within this range, you're all set!
  5. Adjust the collar's size using the provided adjustment mechanism to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit for your furry friend.

With our breakaway cat collar size guide, you can rest assured that your cat will enjoy both safety and style on their adventures.

Breakaway Collar Size

Designed for ultimate comfort and safety, our collars boast a one-size-fits-all approach, accommodating a variety of feline neck sizes. With a minimum size of 19 cm and a maximum of 32 cm, our Breakaway Cat Collars ensure a snug yet adjustable fit for cats of all shapes and sizes.

Breakaway Collar Colors

Here's a color guide featuring a variety of vibrant options:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Pink
  4. Grey and Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Red
  7. Red and Blue
  8. Blue and Black
  9. Black

Each color offers its own unique flair, allowing you to choose the perfect hue to complement your cat's personality and style.

Bowtie Collar Sizes

Introducing our size guide for the charming Bowtie Cat Collar:

  • Minimum size with bowtie: 21.5 cm
  • Minimum size without bowtie: 18.5 cm
  • Maximum size with or without bowtie: 30 cm

Bowtie Collar Colors

Here's a delightful color guide for our Bowtie Cat Collars:

  1. Green and Black
  2. Pink and Grey
  3. Blue and Black
  4. Red and Black
  5. White and Black

Each combination offers a stylish and sophisticated look for your feline friend, ensuring they stand out with charm and elegance.

Bow Tie Collar Colours for Cat | Tag4MyPet