Resistant and Safe Cat Collar in Green
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar in Red and Blue
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar Size
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar in Blue
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar - Green
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar in Brown
Resistant and Safe Cat Collar Colours

Resistant and Safe Cat Collar


Color: C3 - Black and Pink

C1 - Brown and White
C2 - Light Brown and White
C3 - Black and Pink
C4 - Pink and Gray
C5 - Orange and Gray
C6 - Red and Blue
C7 - Blue and Red
C8 - Blue and Black
C9 - Green and Black
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Introducing Our Resistant and Safe Cat Collar: Protecting Your Feline Adventurer at Every Turn!

🐾 Keep your cat safe during their adventures with our innovative cat collar. No more worries about tags getting caught, thanks to our breakthrough buckle design. If your cat does get into a tricky situation, rest assured that the collar will easily open, preventing any mishaps.

🐱 Secure, stylish, and adventure-ready, our cat collars are the perfect choice for every cat owner. Explore our collection in multiple colours today and keep your furry friend safe and sound during their explorations.


  • Breakthrough Buckle: Our collars feature a groundbreaking buckle that easily opens in case your cat gets stuck, preventing any potential harm.
  • Easy Identification: Upgrade to our personalized cat collars with an ID tag, so you'll never have to fear losing your adventurous cat.
  • Jingle Bell: Comes with a small bell that adds a delightful jingle to your cat's every step, making it easier to locate them and adding a charming touch to their style.
  • Peace of Mind: Avoid the heartbreak of a stray pet by ensuring that your adorable companion is always identified with our specialized collars.
Additional Information

C1 - Brown and White, C2 - Light Brown and White, C3 - Black and Pink, C4 - Pink and Gray, C5 - Orange and Gray, C6 - Red and Blue, C7 - Blue and Red, C8 - Blue and Black, C9 - Green and Black

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